Some day to day teams tricks

1 – Activity filtering with @ mentions:

It’s challenging staying productive when your eye is always on the real-time chat feed in Microsoft Teams. Fortunately, you can filter the content you see with @Mentions.

This allows you to separate your personal messages and to-do lists from other less relevant conversations.

The activity filter ensures that you stay up to date with the right information without facing the threat of information overwhelm.

2 - Get work done fast with slash commands

Speed is important in today’s agile workplace. If you want to get work done fast, then you need to make sure that you’re navigating Microsoft Teams as efficiently as possible.

One great way to do this is with slash commands. For instance, you can use a slash command to set your status to “online” or “away”. Alternatively, you can make sure you’re not missing out on anything important with /WhatsNew. This takes you straight to the Release Notes tab on the T-bot channel, so you can check out new features.

Some of the best slash commands include:

  • /Files – Shows the most recent files shared with you on Teams.

  • /GoTo – Lets you jump straight to a channel

  • /Call – Initiates a call with someone else on Teams

  • /Help – Delivers assistance via T-bot

  • /Saved – Takes you to your saved messages

Type / into Teams to see other options.

3 - Hide and show Teams to stay organized

It’s easier to get work done when you don’t have unstructured lists of channels to work through.

The features that used to be “Favorite” and “Remove from Favorites” on Microsoft Teams were recently upgraded to “Show” and “Hide“. This feature is particularly valuable for people that want to avoid information overwhelm.

You can choose which channels and teams you want to see and hide the rest from your UI. Although you’ll still get notifications when someone @Mentions you, your teams list won’t be nearly as cluttered. Click on the “…” next to a team or channel name in your list, then click on More Options. Select Hide to make the team or channel invisible or scroll to the bottom of your page to find Hidden teams that you want to see again.

4 - Guest access

Guest access

You don’t have to be a member of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to connect via Teams.

Microsoft provides secure guest access so that people in a business can connect with individuals outside of their organization.

Anyone with a consumer or business email account can join a chat. There’s also the option to view files and participate in meetings.

Guest access in Microsoft Teams is turned off by default, but it’s easy to access. Microsoft provides a complete how-to guide to help you navigate the process. Once you’ve configured your guest access, team owners can adjust rules and permissions.

5 - Sync your SharePoint sites

One of the best things about Microsoft Teams is how easy it is to connect with tools you already use. For instance, if you have SharePoint team sites that you want to bring into Microsoft Teams, you can. Users can:

  • Add SharePoint pages and lists into Teams channels

  • Use the SharePoint news connector to stream news directly into channels

  • Add full SharePoint sites in Teams via the website tab

  • Include SharePoint document libraries as tabs in Teams