SharePoint News Enhancements – March 2019

Microsoft is making SharePoint News even better with their latest March 2019 update, and it's exiting times since we finally get some of the features we was missing from the good old publishing sites.

Order the news with custom sort.

Did you ever want to have a certain news show up on the top, or did you want the news to appear in a certain order, now this is possible to achieve with using "organize" property on the news web part.

Organizational news

With this we can select one site inside SharePoint that holds our organizational news, news that we want to highlight more for instance, that in some way are the "Official news" of the company

Another great feature that Microsoft is rolling out is Page templates

This is one of the features I missed for long at least from classic SharePoint, giving my customers the possibility to create Page Templates, so that you don't need to start from scratch every time you create a new page. We get 3 page templates OOTB from Microsoft even better we can create our own templates also!

We also get some new PowerShell commands with this:

Get-SPOOrgNewsSite – list sites designated as authoritative news sourcesSet-SPOOrgNewsSite – register a site as an authoritative news sourceRemove-SPOOrgNewsSite – delists a site as an authoritative news source

Do you want to know more, go to Microsofts blog about the same topic: