PowerApps Template Employee Experience Starter Kit

Microsoft a few weeks ago announced and released a PowerApps Template for the employee experience starter kit.

The Employee Experience Starter Kit consists of 5 turnkey solutions:

  • Employee Hub: An app to view company news and connect with other apps via actionable cards

  • My Conference: An event management app for internal employee conferences

  • Kudos: An app for peer recognition and praise among employees

  • People: An app to view and navigate the company org chart

  • Time Away: A time and absence reporting app.

You can download the package here:


Employee Hub

The Employee Hub app is where it all begins, employees start here to keep up with company news, get important alerts, see tasks at a glance, find and launch other apps.

More information can be found in the orginal post from Microsoft


The beauty with all this PowerApps templates is that we can customize what we want inside the app, so if your company don't need for instance the "My Conference" we can remove it.

If you need help setting this up, please feel free to contact me.