How to work from home with maximum productivity

I just came a cross a blog from Microsoft in how to maximise the productivity working form home.

Also in my company Valo Intranet ( we published a blog post a few days ago in regards to the same, please check it out as well

A couple of tips to highlight here

Have a routine to follow

If you used to get up, make coffee and breakfast, freshen up and commute to work, don’t let go of those habits! It’s important to keep yourself on track even when you just might need to sit in front of a computer or go to our work dedicated room. Have a walk before you start your day, freshen up, brush your teeth and have your breakfast.

Trust us, you will feel more awake and ready to work when you stick to your routine. And don’t forget everything after the day is over either – take another walk, call your loved ones and even unwind cooking something great. And if you are on one of your daily walks and need to check something, a native mobile app for internal comms will most likely be in your pocket.

Take regular breaks

It can be difficult to remember to stretch, get up and even fill up your water bottle. We know the feeling way too well when you are buried in your work, forget the time and suddenly haven’t even had lunch.

Try out the Promodore Technique for this, where you focus on a work session intensively for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break. Time both of these events and you are likely to notice being more efficient and still having enough breaks! And of course, remember to have your lunch and daily longer breaks.

There is a great amount of good tips in this two blog post and I'm sure there is plenty more in the community.

Microsoft has also created the following infographic for remote work

Also don't forget that Microsoft Teams is free during the Covid-19 time, so if you haven't tested it out already now would be the time.

If you need help in setting Microsoft Teams up based on best practices feel free to contact me.

Maybe you have some more tips? Feel free to send me your suggestions.

Stay safe and hopefully you have learned some new tips and tricks in how to work better from home.