Document templates in Office 365 / SharePoint

Microsoft has just come out with a new document management solution for Office 365 and SharePoint Online that is really great, it will help you end users a lot to work with document templates. You can read more about this in Microsofts blog on this topic:

Even if this is great, and a big improvement from before, it still requires that all your users start with the document creation inside of SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams, instead of using the Microsoft Office applications where most of the users starts their work. It also doesn't support one central management of all your document templates.

So, what can we do to bring the templates back to the applications that our users are using?

Before when we had local file-shares we could bring the templates back inside of Microsoft Office, but that possibility is not their anymore. Maybe Microsoft will bring it one day. But until then I have created DocsNode as a Office Add-In bringing the templates inside of Microsoft Office.

Making it easy for you and easy for your users.

All the templates are also stored in one central location, so it's easy to maintain them, no reason to spend to much time on keeping your documents up to date with the latest requirements of your organization.

We also have a nice wizard and button inside Microsoft SharePoint so that your users can start their document work with the templates and not empty documents.

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