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    I've already passed a lot of roads and got knowledges that I would like to share with everyone. My blog is not only about geek and technik stuff. I hidded too long in the shadow, so now I think time came to tell you my story. Real story about 3 jobs, conference's responsibility, kids, maybe divorces.. Story about falls down and rises. Story about sadness and happiness. Story about true and false.

Story about who Knut is.

    I'm gonna use  very simple system in my blog and all posts splited up between 3 categories: business, private life and surroundings. Enjoy.

... and Welcome to my home

  • Office 365 MVP

  • Founder DocsNode

  • Product Evangelist & Partner manager  "Valo Intranet in a box"

  • SharePoint evangelist 

  • Not boring speaker